Why AFS?




Special features unique to us

Trouble free & personalized service management of all search programs.
We act as a multi-disciplinary team. We do more and go the extra mile for you and we operate 24/7. We also have the most advanced solutions and ever evolving optimization in the industry. Despite the credit squeeze we can deliver double digit growth figures year-on-year, like-for-like. And we will pay the lowest Cost-Per-Click and the lowest Cost-Per-Acquisition consistent with your keyword and other strategy and/or your business objectives. Reaction to changes occurs continuously every second and not every 2 hours as with some competitors.

Trademark & brand protection following Google’s change of rules on May 5th, 2008.
Initially the cost per click rose for brands and then fell back but is now rising once again as large online retailing portals like eBay start to eat into brands. Ours is a unique system wich obeys all Google rules but can provide that vital protection. Based on mathematical bidding theory which also has the side effect of dramatically reducing the average cost per click of brand keywords.

Internet strategy & business model - Understanding your business and your needs.
We can examine, plan and recommend modifications & changes to your business model and strategy for internet sales. What sells in a shop does not necessarily transfer to an online sales website. As part of this process we examine the:

This continues through to changes to the website and making landing pages more effective. We do everything to improve your quality score as seen by Google & the other search engines.

Search engine optimization (SEO).
All clients are advised to use our natural search programs whereby we can get keywords in the top listings of Google within 7 days.

Export strategies, distribution and tailoring sites
These can cover Europe, USA and further afield including warehousing and shipping advice; and also distribution services.


With unprecedented finance, IT and marketing skills underpinning our unique philosophy, we hope to be able to outperform, be more creative, and more innovative… and achieve more which is to your commercial advantage.