Site maps & robot files

Sitemaps and files for web-crawlers and robots
Sitemaps are crucial to deep indexing and overall ranking. Our first map is a static HTML page created and installed to link all pages within your website. This map is built based on search engine webmaster requirements and gives spiders/robots a clean and direct path to your pages.

Yahoo Site Feed
We create a dedicated file covering all accessible pages in your website for accurate indexing. The Feeder file is installed on your server and automatically crawled by Yahoo.

Google/Bing Sitemap
We create a dedicated XML file which is installed on your server. Direct connection to Google/Bing results in better crawl coverage and fresher search results. Specific information about your web pages is provided to Google/Bing which greatly improves indexing and ranking of all internal pages.

ROR files
We try, where possible, to submit a ROR (resources of a resource) file, several site maps, and a URL list.