Website Alterations

  1. Of course what AFS would really like to do is take part or build/re-build your website from scratch with SEO and paid search in mind.
  2. If we can’t do that and with our clients permission and after discussing, we will make whatever alterations are necessary. This includes hundred of times on our checklists but examples include

AFS’s Procedure
Before making any alterations regarding SEO to your website, our team will analyze your website for potential and unwanted problems. We are well used to this although we may very well like to re-write a website, in practice very few clients agree to this. Normally we have to impose structure and SEO order from an existing site – making as few alternations as is necessary. A cost-benefit analysis is undertaken for each alteration.

The web pages actually at the top of Google have only one thing clearly in common: good writing. Don't get so caught up in the usual SEO sacred cows and bugbears, such as PageRank, frames, and JavaScript, that you forget your site's content. Top-ranking web pages on Google are consistently much better written than the vast majority of what is read on the web.

Of course, that shouldn't be a surprise, considering how often officials at Google proclaim the importance of good content. Yet traditional SEO wisdom has little to say about good writing.

Does Google, the world's wealthiest media company, really ignore traditional standards of quality in the publishing world? Does Google, like so many website owners, really get so caught up in the process of the algorithm that it misses the whole point? Apparently not.

What to remember