Search engine submissions

We never use one of those robotic programs for sale. They don’t work and are fiercely resisted by the search engines themselves.

Neither are those agencies offering a complete service from $79 to $5,000 being fair. SEO is a lot more from initial website design, to change to existing websites, metatags and titles, inclusion of relevant keywords on the site and that is before we start on directories and then move on to search engine submissions or links.

If your site has not been listed on all the major search engines, then have them submitted to all the major search engines. Remember, a submission doesn't guarantee a listing and a listing doesn't guarantee a good ranking. But get listed it is important to submit your site to a search engine.

Search engine submission is how a webmaster submits a web site directly to a search engine such as Google. While Search Engine Submission is often seen as a way to promote a web site, it generally is not necessary. Because the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN/Bing use crawlers, bots, and spiders that eventually would find all by themselves most web sites on the Internet.

There are two basic reasons to submit a web site or web page to a search engine. The first reason would be to add an entirely new web site because the site operators would rather not wait for a search engine to discover them. The second reason is to have a web page or web site updated in the respective search engine.

Ultimately you will want to:
  1. Submission to thousands of search engines and directories including the most important relevant search engines. Think industrial sector, profession, and so on.
  2. Have an even distribution of submissions and links to a cross-section of pages and not just the home page. This is most important with search engine submissions.
  3. Manual submission to major search engines, including Yahoo, Google, MSN/Bing and for example Baidu in China.

For France this would be:

A detailed submission report will be emailed to you

Slow Monthly Submissions
For best results we recommend that you submit once a month. Some search engines drop sites after a few weeks. To stay listed and not risk being dropped, we recommend that you allow us to automatically resubmit on a regular basis.

Sitemaps and files for web-crawlers and robots
Sitemaps are crucial to deep indexing and overall ranking. Our first map is a static HTML page created and installed to link all pages within your website. This map is built based on search engine webmaster requirements and gives spiders/robots a clean and direct path to your pages.

Yahoo Site Feed
We create a dedicated file covering all accessible pages in your website for accurate indexing. The Feeder file is installed on your server and automatically crawled by Yahoo.

Google/Bing Sitemap
We create a dedicated XML file which is installed on your server. Direct connection to Google/Bing results in better crawl coverage and fresher search results. Specific information about your web pages is provided to Google/Bing which greatly improves indexing and ranking of all internal pages.

We try, where possible, to submit a ROR (resources of a resource) file, several site maps, and a URL list.

Google Indexing
AFS will get your website indexed in Google less than 7 days
AFS does not simply submit it to Google's add url page (
AFS does not simply create a link by using Google’s AdWords.
AFS does not modify the content of your site.
What AFS does is to properly SEO your site enabling it to get it indexed fast.
AFS have a 100% success rate.
AFS can index some brand new sites in only 1-2 days.
The only reasons why your site will not get indexed are because the site has been banned by Google or it's in a sandbox.