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Press Release Writing and Distribution Service
Press releases are usually used to get the attention of journalists or industry news websites, magazines and periodicals. Many press release websites have relationships with search engine news feeds, so using them can be a very effective way to put your website in front of the right people. Most press release websites do not pass along any link value, they simply act as link pointers to your website. If a journalist, news website or blogger sees your press release and writes about you, you may get a link from them. Consider press releases in light of how much traffic and secondary links they can bring; ignore the link from the press release service.

Press Release Distribution is another key to getting your website before the right audience.

This is subcontracted to one of several agencies depending on the nature of the sit and the desired effect. But we maintain close and careful control and management.

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Press releases have been around for many years, but are only now being used in the internet-marketing world. Today, submitting press releases over the internet is an important way to increase your search engine ranking, drive traffic to your website, and drive new unique visitors that will add up to more sales.

Advantages of press releases as a tool for SEO

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