This is another aspect of social media but we have split this off separately as being an area that is more complementary to normal website building and maintenance.

Blog Review and Original Blog writing
"If You Want One of the Best Link Building Services Around then Let Us Ensure That Your Website is Reviewed on High Ranking, and Established Blogs. Included in This Offer is Custom Written Relevant and Original Content, Which is Tailored to Your Niche and Guaranteed to Give You Permanent Back Links."

Key Features:

Niche Blog Review Service
This had-picked sites and not to be confused with cheap standard blogs. We identify the relevant sites and manually interact with them. This is a time consuming activity and requires pains-taking careful research. You can find SEO sites offering this to you for $100-$500 but this must not be confused with our service which requires detailed research and correspondence.

Today link building needs are increasing far greater than before with all the search engines counting more on the number good quality back links a website has. AFS is constantly upgrade its services to meet the changing SEO needs and increasing competition.

This is one of latest service offerings from us that will help your website get good ranking as well as improve your brand image is “Niche Blog Review Service”.

What is Niche Blog Review Service?
Through this service, our expert product and service review team will write reviews about your products and services. These reviews will feature in well-established blogs, blogs with PR and good traffic. Above all, the emphasis here is to have all the reviews posted in blogs and blog networks that belong to your specific niche.

Example tailor made Blogs sites for high-end luxury goods:


Why Niche Blog Review Service?
It is a known fact that search engine algorithms review each back link that comes to your website. Not all links bear equal value, the quality of the link varies. One of the factors that affect the quality of your back links is the relevance of the pages from which your links are coming. When your links come from pages that have relevant content around it, then it will bring greater value to your link. Links from irrelevant niches will have very little value to your website.

Secondly, blog reviews are posted in blog networks to enhance the visibility of a brand, product, service etc., to enhance its visibility levels as wells as to promote the brand. Blog reviews that sound genuine will increase the trustworthiness of your products and services. When such reviews are posted in blogs that belong to your niche, their effectiveness is multiplied several times. You will get highly targeted traffic from our niche blog review service, as we will post your reviews in highly relevant niches.

Further Benefits of Niche Blog Reviews Service

  1. Getting your website reviewed by review experts will create a highly positive image, good reputation about your service and products.
  2. You can get traffic from blog networks that belong to your niche; such traffic will have the highest level of conversion ratio.
  3. It is ideal for small and medium sized businesses that have limited budget for their brand promotion.
  4. The link popularity of the website will improve, as each review posted will bring a high quality link to your website.
  5. Instant traffic from the niche blogs as people that visit the popular blogs where your reviews will be posted are people that come there looking for information relating to your niche.
  6. You get highly contextual links from pages with relevant content and blog domain.

Key Features: