Article submission

We carry out manual submissions to high PageRank article sites, with different anchor text and description. We submit your site to relevant quality sites, most of them requiring us to create a unique account for you before submission. We'll create unique email ids for you, register your account with each site, verify the email, submit your site and (if you want it), give you the access to the email account that we created for you.

Submitting your website to article sites has not been all that popular but it allows a more even spread of links to the site and it not only gives you one way links from relevant sites but also increases traffic. We’ll submit each article with 2-3 links to your website in the author’s resource box and create variations of your article after every 10-20 submissions, to avoid duplicate content.

The resource box
When creating articles, we can make yours sell with a great Resource Box. The resource box contains the author bio below the body of your article and is called a signature, or SIG, for short. Having a great Resource Box will increase your website traffic exponentially. It is like the P.S. at the end of ad copy and should never be overlooked or shortchanged.

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Key Features of AFS article submission service