The building of links starts with directories and search engines, and goes on to:

Whatever you do you need a rank tracker and backlinks tracker service.

But the story does not end here. There are new ways, more ways of gaining a natural search position in this ever changing world where Google and the search engines range supreme.

A note of caution
A competitor’s product, called LinkCatalyst, is a performance based link building tool. They say: “Linking is an incredibly powerful and influential component of SEO. So much so that some sites can rank on page 1 for competitive terms based almost entirely on their links, and with little to do with their content. Link Catalyst is designed to help you leverage this link advantage to gain higher rankings”.

What this does not say is that the rules have changed and are constantly changing. It is less about page rank and links and more about getting individual keywords on your site with a roughly even distribution of links and those words on the site must have some relation to keywords which have a minimum search volume. That is today. Tomorrow, for sure, it will be different.