Authority Links

Links from Authority Sites

There is value to getting links from authority sites:

  1. they already have tons of traffic which can click your link and
  2. over time, something is transferred to your website as a result of them linking to you.

Even though most links from authority sites are no-followed (meaning they don’t produce ranking factor directly to your website, at least not immediately) they can still benefit your link profile and add something more valuable than a link for search engines (direct traffic).

On the contrary, writers and editors are constantly on the lookout for a good story, so, if you build value to your brand by offering something for readers to “sink their eyeballs into”, chances are you could be the recipient of authoritative editorial links.

When getting authoritative links from other sources will not suffice, you can always use other pages in your own website to build and transfer website authority to pages via deep links.

This is the premise of strong internal linking and by linking to pages other than your home page, they are considered deep links. Hence, the more contextual references you have for a landing page from other pages in your website, the less dependent it becomes on gaining links from external sources.

One of the most prestigious links is from Wikipedia which has a Page Rank of 9. In certain cases we have been successful in getting links to clients.