Natural search/organic search results – major change

Yep. That diagram is how it is supposed to work. It still can but most internet agencies are still living in the past. Internally this major algorithm change was called Farmer (to stop link ‘farms’) and later the algorithm changed its name to Panda after a Google engineer called either Navneet Panda or Biswanath Panda.

This change started February 24, 2011 and evolves continuously with some adaptive technology. Latest change November 18 and one scheduled for December 2011. Read on and follow the link below:


SEO - Search engine optimisation: Natural/Organic Search


Search Engine Optimization and natural search rankings
See below for a top No 1 position ranking in the natural (sometimes called organic) listings of Google. This is what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about.
AFS Guarantees to move you into the top 3 positions in Google after a period of time, which depends on how much money you are willing to throw at this task


SEO latest developments


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and AFS clients

Guaranteed results
As we said we can guarantee to get you to the top 10 in Google after a period of time and maintain you there. Even down to a month or two. That is fastest anyone offers (1 week claims are simply unbelievable) and it is guaranteed if we are given the flexibility to make all the changes we need to undertake, and can throw budget at this task.

Natural search affiliate programs
Just as you can have affiliate programs with paid search so we undertake affiliate type work (i.e. paid on commission) for natural search or organic placing of keywords leading to sales or leads. No one else offers this. We are that confident.