Ability to continually adapt to market conditions

Techniques, unique software & systems, models & tools.
No one but no one has access to the range of the most advance targeting, optimising and modelling techniques in the industry. These are some of the techniques we use combined into an integrated network of hierarchical solutions:

Use of tools & techniques:
Only AFS can on your behalf offer the fullest and ever evolving suite of search engine marketing tools and solutions backed by our staff of search experts and we use the most advanced bid management technologies available. In fact, no one offers more innovative search engine marketing solutions that help you achieve what you want, make you stand out and obtain results.

Our technology :
Our technology is known for having the best bid management technology in the business. Here are a few reasons why: We have preferred access to engine analysts, systems and information, so we can deliver better results, faster. We provided better optimization as our bid management systems enables us to identify the optimal bid price for each keyword as often as necessary and if necessary every second. We provided better reporting as we deliver detailed reports on clicks and conversion by day & hour, performance by keyword, engine performance – even market share – so you know what is working.