Our Technology

Our proprietary optimization toolset has been developed by experienced search marketing consultants and a PhD qualified development team at the forefront of linguistics and mathematical modeling.

Why do we need such complex kit?
With thousands and even millions of keywords running on multiple search engines, and using complex targeting options like match types, geo-targeting, and landing page and creative tests. Search marketing campaigns have become complex, generating millions of variables that need precise and intelligent ROI tracking and budgeting, to maximise returns.

Add to that the business of keeping campaigns in sync with inventory, stock levels, and price changes...
Plus continually finding new keywords to bid on...
In addition,maximising returns...
To do all of this successfully you will need a dedicated search engine marketing agency with strong optimization capabilities.

That's why our optimization tool set spans three vital dimensions of paid search optimization.

  1. Product database integration
  2. Scientific bid management
  3. Keyword expansion.

Maximize returns
AFS uses a special set of tools in return analysis and bid management. This uses artificial intelligence, smart learning routines and algorithms. Using these tools we are able to mine your company’s paid search history, to model the returns from all the possible combinations inherent in them, and continually utilize the most profitable configurations to maximize returns.

Reach more people
The key to growing your returns, is continually finding keywords to allow you to reach bigger and more relevant audiences. AFS uses powerful keyword mining tools that allow us to find you more keywords than your competitors to increase your reach.

Market more products
AFS overcomes the problems associated with managing large inventory and product-feed driven campaigns. It allows you to create, deploy and update vast numbers of products and adcopy for each of your products and categories, and create tailor made creative's through synchronizing with your product database. Turning adverts for products on and off depending on competitor conditions (are you prices competitive) and also stock and special promotional offers.