Advertise on mobiles / cell phones

The rationale


We're launching the next generation of our mobile ad system with major improvements and updates. Other agencies are still learning. Use us we have the experience and proven track record.

Types of phone
We can operate al all types of mobiles except the very oldest. All makes.
The underlying major operating systems look as if they will be:

Market leaders
We can target all mobile/cell devices or by specific type or platform – see below:

Note: Bada is Samsung, Symbian is still being used, Nokia has a number of bespoke operating systems as does most of the mobile manufacturers. Sony Ericsson for example often uses their Sony Ericsson Java Platform 7

Targeting specific carriers/networks/operators
We can target specifically for the following operators in any country examples include:

Interestingly market shares vary for different parts of the world (November 2011):