Brand Monitoring

The monitoring process
You need real-time monitoring of the major search engines, focusing on determining who is bidding on your brand terms, day or night, weekdays or weekends. This data is analysed to produce a Friend, Foe or Neutral analysis.

The Friend Analysis focuses on your affiliates or subsidiaries, determining how well they are performing in increasing your brand control over the medium, whether they are being compliant with your guidelines, and what the strengths and weaknesses might be in their current strategies.

The Foe Analysis focuses on your competitors, determining essentially who is bidding against your brand terms, to what magnitude and what they are saying. It will also tell you whether they are complying with search engine guidelines and generally how they are seeking to compromise and capture your brand traffic through their keyword and copy selections, and their disruption of the prospective customer’s search journey.

Being both a quantitative and qualitative exercise, this mining process ensures that you have consistent data that measures your brand control on an ongoing basis versus your competitors and will give you the information you need to proactively and scientifically govern your affiliates, providing you with competitive advantage where you need it most.

To be armed with this data is to be forewarned.