Website Changes

We manage and help to design websites but we don’t in general do total website development. We sub-contract this, but if you are a new site and we are your supplier, we insist in being involved in the design process which can be vital for affecting the sites success and profitability – as well as overall costs. Flash is nice but it really bad for natural searches.

The complete design and programming of websites in-house is not part of our core competence.

We can review websites and suggest changes to meet your principal business objectives.

Hence we have to look at the following:

Real time checkup details

Loading time and page structure
Optimizing your web page loading time is a key element for keeping your visitors. A fast loading page is essential for longer visits. If your pages load time is too long due to heavy graphics, un-optimized videos or wrong database queries, people and search engine spiders simply leave your site before it is loaded! This way, you might miss out non only your sales, but also the proper indexing of your content. Our loading time tester adds up all files and text included in your page and shows the avarage download time of the page with different connection speeds, giving instant access to our image optimizer, that will reduce the size of your images for a faster loading.

Meta tag analyzer
Even if they are not visible, meta tags are very important for improving your listings in the search engines. Check your meta tags and receive tips on how to improve them for a better search engine ranking. Our meta tag analizer will chek your tags using the similar spider technology as the search engines, giving you warnings and tips to improove them with our integrated meta tag generator.

Keyword density analyzer
A good keyword density will help achieve higher search engine positions. Use this tool to analyze the keyword density of keywords and keyphrases on your web pages or measure the keyword density of your competitors to determine the optimum keyword density for your targeted keywords. Our analysis will even check the relevancy of your meta tags warn you if it finds errors!

Broken link checker
Broken links are driving away search engine spiders and visitor. They lead nowhere. Clicking on a broken link will usually show an error page, that you may still optimize to get back your "lost" traffic, but that are something you should get rid of. They are bad for your image, and business! If your links don't work, will your products? Our link checker tool check internal link to other pages and images, and external links, that may dilute your page Rank.