Web Analytics and Reporting

Web analytics is as the name suggests analyzing what is going on in your website and internet business. It covers ever aspect from where and who are your customers, why they come to your site, what proportion or market share of traffic are you taking and so on. Reporting is more concerned with what has happened. Analytics puts that reporting in context and can tell you why something has happened.

Web analytics covers a range of tools and approaches you can use to find out what’s really happening:

Site Analytics: Who goes to your site?
You need to start by finding out who goes to your site. You can use tools such as Google Analytics, Core Metrics and Site Intel, as well as tracking the actions of registered users on the site. All these tools have varying degrees of accuracy and functionality, but they are not enough on their own to give you the full picture of what’s going on.

Click Attribution: How did they get there?
Next, you need to discover how different channels work together to deliver the most profitable users to your site, using tools such as Kenshoo and Atlas. This means you can intelligently assess the impact different channels have across the buying cycle, investigate first click / last click issues, and understand the importance of generic keywords.

Usability: What did they do on your site?
What you think users will do on your site is usually very different from what they actually do. You can use usability tools such as Click Tale, Eye Mapping and user behaviour insight to identify weaker elements of your site. Each of these tools has different levels of effectiveness; it depends on the nature of your site and what you’re trying to find out.

Landing Page Optimization
Once a user has clicked on a banner, or a PPC ad or an organic search result, you don’t want to lose them at the first hurdle. You can use Google Website Optimizer, Omniture’s Test & Target, Multi Variate Testing and A/B testing to fine-tune the appearance of your landing page. (A/B testing is just putting two alternatives online and seeing which of the two performs best). By removing the subjective element of landing page design, you let your users decide which layout performs best and see the benefits of increased conversion rates.

It’s no longer good enough (if it ever was) to direct users to your home page and let them find their own way from there. We use a battery of techniques to analyse which elements of your site may be losing you business. Once we know where potential customers are dropping off, we can start to make improvements.

The Process
It is now more important than ever to understand your online marketing mix and how the various elements affect each other. The ability to look beyond last click means you can make informed business decisions and get results. We do this through four levels of conversion analytics:

What we do
We aren’t just data-crunchers who don’t know about marketing strategy; we have run digital campaigns and understand the strategies behind them. This means we don’t just provide you with data; we also give you insights and translate them into actions for your digital marketing strategy.

Our technology agnostic approach to conversion analytics makes us your ideal partner. There are many technologies to choose from in conversion analytics and each one is right for different situations and different industries. Conversion analytics providers are generally tied down to their technology developed in house, which means they will suggest this whether it is the most appropriate tool or not. For this reason, 20% of analytics set-ups have faults.

We have worked with an array of technologies from the widely popular Google Analytics through to world leading analytics technology such as Omniture. We have no allegiance to one analytics technology or another; we just want to ensure we have the most appropriate piece of technology set up for your situation, to give you the best insights possible.

We offer you technology installation and selection, consultancy or simply training depending on what you need. However, our main aim is, as always, to ensure your proftiability increases.