IMVU is a graphical instant messaging client developed by IMVU Inc. It currently hosts over 100 million registered users, 6 million unique monthly visitors and a $25 million revenue run rate, as of October 4, 2009. Currently, it is in public beta, and has been available since April 2, 2004. IMVU was founded by Will Harvey, a video game developer and founder of There and has the world’s largest catalog of virtual goods with over 4 million items, produced by over 100,000 content creators, and now run by CEO Cary Rosenzweig, who took the position in November 2007. It is estimated that IMVU currently generates approximately $2 million in revenue per month, 90% of which comes directly from the sale of virtual goods.



Some people are upset by the amount of advertising on IMVU. The ads don't appear in the game but in the various admin features and by the side of the game window. The problem is that the richer VIP members can opt out and most users in most circumstances can also opt out….



Here is a typical adult blog:

After being invited to a chat session on IMVU, with my oldest son, I decided to do a little investigating on my own. I have learned one thing...keep your kids off of this site, and unless you like being "flamed" on a regular basis, don't go on yourself...
The site lures you in with its game play feel, and then you are systematically assaulted in every way to purchase this, and that. I was able to resist, it was difficult for me, and for kids,(especially teens) its an all absorbing torture of the mind, with enough money, they can have virtual sex online!

However it is several services combined into one: a messaging service, a game, a chat service and a dating service.

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