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Many of you may be mystified by this heading. It stands for Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMOrpg) and is a genre of computer role-playing games in which a very large number of players interact with one another within a virtual game world.

Players assume the role of a fictional character (often in a fantasy world) and take control over many of that character's actions.[ MMOrpgs are distinguished from single-player or small multi-player RPGs by the number of players, and by the game's persistent world, usually hosted by the game's publisher, which continues to exist and evolve while the player is away from the game.

MMORPGs are played throughout the world. Worldwide revenues for MMORPGs exceeded $2 billion in 2009 (that is much more than Facebook). The most popular MMOrpg by far is World of Warcraft, which had over 14 million subscribers by the end of 2009.

Of course some gamers reckon that Warcraft is now old-hat. They might argue to get switched on gamers and the younger generation that ZerA: Imperan Intrigue, from the Korean company Nexon. This is, in our view, about to get big in the west.



Top MMOrpg’s there is no consensus. Everyone has different views. And not every game has paid advertising. One view is:

Online Role Playing Games:

World of Warcraft

    The game has been out 6 years and has begun to show it's age, not to mention nearly everyone that wanted to try it probably has at this point. Although the game lost it's appeal for me a while back there are still millions of others who are addicted to it.



    For me, EVE does a perfect job at making me feel immersed in New Eden. From the sound effects to the physical structures, and the emptiness of space, it delivers immersion in truck loads. EvE is the most open-ended MMO I've played or even heard of.


Star Trek Online

    It's a good casual MMORPG. Its fun, because its different. Chances are, if your currently playing some other mmo and consider this one, you dont want a carbon copy of your current game.


Fallen Earth

    I would definitely recommend this MMORPG to people who enjoy playing for the sake of building, exploration and to be part of a virtual world. The development community listens to its players and asks for feedback. It's amazing how much work they have done with the game in such a short time.


    Try Aion if you need a new fix, and stop expecting it to provide you with that touchy feeling, its a game, a cool game, that offers some slight differences while mimicking the same tone as any other fantasy MMO.