Call Tracking & Reporting

Where Are Your Calls Coming From?
JumpFly partnered with Marchex Voice Services, the leading provider of PPC call tracking, to offer call tracking services to its clients. This powerful technology enables advertisers to determine the source of incoming phone sales leads from multiple ad campaigns. After reviewing various alternatives, JumpFly selected Marchex as the best available solution for its clients.

How it works:
JumpFly will provide and setup a unique tracking number for each ad medium being tracked. For example, you could have a unique number for Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter, the Yellow Pages and/or for a radio ad if desired. JumpFly takes care of everything for you, ensuring a properly structured and hassle free setup.

Detailed ongoing reports are provided, including valuable information such as the caller's name and phone number. Advertisers can also choose if they would like to record phone calls, which is a great tool for reviewing sales calls. Now advertisers can determine exactly where their sales calls are coming from. There is no contract required and this service is available month to month.


Pricing: 3 Separate Fees - Setup Fee, Line Fee & Usage/Service Fee

Contact a qualified JumpFly specialist to learn more or call 877-239-9610.