Latent conversions & behaviour patterns in online shopping


Latent conversions are a reflection of the longer research process we already know that women go through before investing in a wide variety of consumer products and services.  If you can allow for the more involved, possibly slower decision-making time, and thus, invest in women in return - they will often, finally and latently, "convert" or buy from you.  Plus, the way will then be paved for them to remain loyal to your brand so that one conversion will be worth a lot more

According to the research, and as written in O'Malley's piece: "Most consumers who buy clothing online after conducting research at search engines don't make the purchase the same day as their search, or even during the same Internet session.  Just one in five conversions as 21 percent occur within 24 hours of an apparel search, with the remaining 79 percent occurring up to two months later..." (There are other interesting stats mentioned, so definitely give the article a look.)

There is no gender breakdown mentioned in the article, but the idea goes right along with how women, in particular, conduct their purchasing processes. 

The path a woman takes may not necessarily be directly from search to click-to-buy.  Rather, she's likely to approach a purchase much more deliberately (for consumer goods of some significance - we're not talking toothpaste here), and:


So, what's a marketer to do about the "latent conversions" of so many women and men?  Relax and embrace the process.