Disclosure, Google and our Promise to you

Google’s Third-Party Policies

AFS Inc and AFS Ltd adhere to the following policies whether specified by Google or part of the company’s own internal policies (as of May 25, 2012) which are in general stricter than those laid down by Google or other search engines for paid search work.

(1) We provide all clients with daily and monthly data on paid search engine costs, clicks, and impressions at the account level. This includes extensive paid search engine data and usually analytics data.

(2) We provide all clients with the Google Disclosure Notice.

(3) We do not engage in unclear, deceptive, or harassing sales practices, including:

(4) We will not misrepresent our relationship to Google, including:

(5) We do not make improper guarantees about Google to our clients, including:

(6) We do not violate Google's branding guidelines, including:

(7) We do not improperly use AdWords accounts, or AdWords marketing or sales material, including:

(8) The following violations will lead to immediate suspension:

Complaining about a Third-Party Partner

If you have a complaint about AFS or any other third-party partner, like an AdWords reseller or agency? Click the link below and fill out our complaint form.

Complain about a third-party