Volumes & Market Share

AFS can provide this unique service to provide an estimate or a range of estimates to give you some idea of future volumes, or even current market share.

We are proud of our work and ability, and fully believe achieving the best results starts with a great foundation, and that foundation is your setup.

To start the process, we conduct several in-depth interviews with each new client to develop a personal and meaningful relationship from which to build. This is an interactive process as we build up our knowledge base. All your information will be kept confidential. We engage in dialogue to understand your business and assumptions on which we provide this information

We start by learning about your business, goals, past experience, customers, competition, competitive advantages, and really anything at all related that can help us maximize your advertising investment.

Market size
This is the easier of the two tasks. We use all the tools available to calculate the search volume and the price of paid search, the click-through-rates and the overall conversion rate of that market or markets segment.

The examples below relate to internet

This can be for market such as TVs, or Flat-screen TVs, or for Samsung Flat screens, or for Samsung LED TVs, or even for the Samsung UN55B8000 (a specific TV)…

Market share
Historically this is easy to do.

For future projections we need to ascertain the budget you want to spend and your position preference (and here we may go into an interactive dialogue).

The information provided
We develop for any given time period (future or past) and for any given number of periods (under a variety or assumptions or under an agreed set of assumptions) and for a given geographical area:

Alternative scenarios can be provided as to a) general market conditions and b) your budget, bid price and position preference

To verify our data and assumptions, and if the client is willing we will also verify our assumption by a) wind-tunnel tests and b) toe –in-the-water tests.