Online Marketing Integration


Every business has some short term and long term objectives. Whether it is just to improve profitability overcome the effects of the credit-squeeze or recession. Sir Stuart Rose at M &S wants to keep his shareholders happy and the ones that are grumbling the most are the institutional shareholders. So he has to improve his share value. Whether it is a retailer, a holiday tour operator, a car manufacturer & distributor or a National Health Trust, there is a linkage between what you have on your web site and how you achieve your objectives.
Small improvements to the website can have a dramatic effect on your business both the inter-net operations and the non-internet side. There is an indirect linkage. Some not visible to the human eyes (only visible to web-crawlers/web robots) can make big differences.

You need to make sure that the most common search terms are incorporated into your paid search and natural search and that the internet user is taken to the most relevant page (may be even a newly written page – which we can do).
We also have the ability to advise you on brands and products which are related to your business but not being offered on the internet at the moment. Often the most important keyword in selling a product isn’t the generic key-word such as ‘jeans’ but the branded term ‘Diesel Jeans’

We can also advise you on a simple, risk-free and costless method of distribution easily to export markets which includes changes to your website and everything else you may need to painlessly execute this possibility of more than trebling you on online business.

Finally every business must know the size of their market and that includes their online market and how it changes over time. What various keyword or key-phrase volumes are and how they will change and the share of the market you are currently achieving and what the potential is.

Blogs, social networking & You Tube etc. We can help there as well.