Internet Strategy

Business strategy & Internet Strategy
Of course where business strategy ends and Internet strategy begins is a spectrum and any cut-off is arbitrary.
We can examine, plan and recommend modifications & changes to your business model and strategy for internet sales.
What sells in a shop doesn’t necessarily transfer to an online sales website. As part of this process we examine the size of the internet market, segment it, and examine the size of the market (paid and natural search) and the volume of a range of the most relevant keywords and products.

This continues through to changes to the website and making landing pages more effective. Everything to increase your quality score as seen by Google & the other search engines.
Next is a light hearted look at the current trendy ‘Social Marketing’ strategy. This is a well used article…. It was originally entitled: ‘How the Social Media Really Gets Made at Agencies…Call It the Slide 29 Syndrome’. Probably the correct attribution is: B.L. Ochmans Blog, Published : 30-3-2010.

An aside with social marketing?



Advertising, PR, and marketing agencies are rapidly waking up to the fact that they can no longer be competitive without including social and emerging media in the work they propose to clients.

But in many, if not most, agencies, social media is suffering from Slide 29 Syndrome.
That's when an account exec calls the digital gurus and says something like this:

"For the past few weeks, we've been working on an proposal that we need to send to the client tomorrow. Please add some social media recommendations to the deck and get it us by close of business today."

They say that because they think social media is Twitter and Facebook and that you pretty much just need to throw up a page so you can broadcast your press releases and announcements.

Or, they say:

"We don't have much money left in the budget and we need to add some digital to the deck. Send us some ideas we can add to what we've got."

They say that because they need to bill a certain number of hours this week and they don't want social media to use up too many of them.

And then the digital ideas get added on to the deck - usually somewhere around Slide 29.