Export Strategies

Export strategies, distribution and tailoring sites to cover Europe, USA and further afield including warehousing and shipping advice; & distribution services.

Many US companies could so easily export to the rest of Europe. The US dollar has fallen so far that US goods (electronics, photography etc) are pretty much the lowest in the world – apart from China and possibly certain products in India.

There are certain areas that have to be watched, and the power cord may have to changed and the voltage or a transformer provided. But many computers and electronic systems come with dual voltage. There is enough price margin normally (sometimes as much as 50%-60%, but typically at least 30%-40%) to cover shipping, changing the voltage and adding a power cord… or selling a transformer plus sufficient for the consumer to pay for the customs duty in Europe and many other areas. However, we can mitigate the cost of custom duty for your European customers and also facility the export process. We handle everything.

AFS can advise and even arrange overseas shipping. You ship to a base in New York. We handle everything from there and for lighter goods (10-15 lbs) the only overhead we charge of handling, and shipping, and taking care of all the paperwork is around $10-$12.

The directions in which we have helped clients are shown below. And of course there in the export intra-continental Europe.



Let’s take an export to France.


(*) Frequently we do an official deal with UK customs which is
recognized to all EU countries. The French customer does not pay
custom duty. AFS pays a fraction of the official French customs
duty – say $7 on a $300 product.

Whatever you market, AFS knows the regulations and can a) advise and b) provide a turnkey export system – the only thing you need to change is make some small changes (which we will advise on (and can even implement) to your website.

Remember US to France is just one of the many directions we can help clients.

More drastic changes to you website


But if you want to tailor of languages then you might have Spanish (good for the US and South America), Portuguese (also good for Brazil), German (covers several countries in Europe), French and Italian. You can safely ignore the other languages.