SEO & Organic Listings


We are just concentrating on Google in this introduction.
However, remember we also advertise regularly for clients on conventional search engines: Yahoo, MSN/Bing, Ask New: Facebook, Twitter, Second Life, World of Warcraft


SEO (Search engine optimization) is the mean by which you get a natural search or organic search listing. We use organic search and natural search interchangeably. Some people prefer one or the other. We use them as the same and try to refer to both.
We will use the same example as we did in paid search. Supposing you own a site selling toys, and you want to sell teddy bears, and in particular a brand called Charlie Bears.
An internet user searches for Charlie Bears in Google by typing in Charlie bears in the search terms box.

The first three results are paid search terms. The natural/organic results start with (the US distributor).

The next result shows some of the deficiencies or mistakes that can happen. This is not necessarily Google’s fault or the site’s fault. It is just one of those things. sells dog food.

The next two entries in the natural/organic list are Kozy Clutter and Beacons Glow. They will be very pleased because they do not have to pay anything (in theory) because there is no cost per click if someone clicks on this entry and goes to their site.



Of course, it may be costly to get to that listing and it may be expensive to maintain that position.

Nevertheless, getting to that position is one of the core strengths of AFS.