How to get your site noticed on the internet?

Take a Google search for the term ‘Diesel Jeans’.
This is the full age but it can be broken down into a number of facilities offered by Google.
Some of these (the paid or sponsored search element) earn over 90% of Google’s contributions to profit.

It starts with some typing in a search term (e.g. diesel jeans) in the search box of a search engine like Google.
There are two ways to obtain a ranking on the world’s premier search engine and in the UK




      (Lower position adverts are shown on the right hand side in a column (usually up to 9).

      Sometimes if the search volume for a term is low adverts are only shown on the right hand side) ==>




Paid search positions where you pay each time someone clicks on your advert are shown in red.
The yellow background section at the top all the links/adverts on the right are paid search or as Google calls it ‘Sponsored Link’. Each time someone clicks on one of those adverts or links an advertiser pays money to Google and Google obtains revenue.

Natural – sometimes called organic – search is where Google or another search engine naturally lists your site in response to a search term such as Diesel jeans. Here Diesel Jeans own site is listed (but this is not always the case) as well as several retailers.
In this example two other retailers are mentioned (see right). One,, is a specialist internet retailer dealing with jeans, which was an offshoot of The second is the famous upmarket online fashion store which is starting its budget brand sister site ASOS Red.