Multi-Disciplinary & Multi-Lingual teams

Conventional advertising agencies and paid search agencies split the work into various single disciplinary teams. There will be a client relations team, a computing team, a production team, an operations team and so on. This makes for duplication, long committee meetings and imprecise boundaries.

Moreover the person you talk to in client relations doesn’t necessary know or understand what the production team has done or is doing. This makes for a very fuzzy interface. “I’ll get back to you” being the usual answer to any question. All you want is performance and not necessarily endless meetings.

We, on the other hand, adapt the lean approach. We strive on multi-disciplinary teams providing all the knowledge to the person you talk to. He or she knows and can change things immediately if necessary. There is no delay and no long committee meetings.

We have multi-lingual teams that connect across Continental Europe, the US, the Middle East (currently displaying paid searching Qatar, Bahrain and UAE and between them that is an awful lots of unique languages!). Also India, Japan, Korea and China.

Multi-Disciplinary & Lean

Multi-Lingual for Global Coverage