Krishan Bhaskar, CEO




56 Books and many referred articles published



Internet Marketing - Natural & Paid Search supremo
Guaranteed to improve your paid search ROI and conversions by several orders of magnitude. No-one can achieve more with Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, Affiliates etc. Also guaranteed to improve your search engine ranking, SEO and page rank.
Pioneer of several new successful techniques in both PPC and SEO.
Specialist in all aspects of analysis, strategy, planning & modelling - also offers experience and knowledge in the following areas:
Corporate finance (alliance/joint ventures, capital markets, IPO/MBO, mergers/acquisitions, post merger management, risk management)
Marketing & Sales (brand positioning, product planning, customer insights, market research, marketing, pricing, transfer pricing, strategy, sales channel, distribution systems, retail outlets, & dealers – including bonded warehouses in both the US and several European)
Operations/Production (manufacturing, benchmarking, quality control, strategy, product development, purchasing, out-sourcing, service operations)

Internet Marketing (paid & natural search, strategy, research)
Currently leading AFS which has a multi-disciplinary team, offering scientifically based paid/natural search agency operating out of mainly Nice (France), Miami (US) and close to London (UK) – good geographical locations for clients and partners to visit. AFS is lean, efficient and concentrates on service rather than self promotion.

As a Professor of Computer Science, Finance and Accounting (an unusual combination) Professor Bhaskar brings unique insights, and uses custom algorithms based on over forty years of cutting edge mathematical and computing research Including small and large projects from the ESPRIT and RACE programs).  He combines the skills of researching, and then modifying or planning the business model and/or strategy for internet sales. What sells in a shop doesn’t necessarily transfer to an online sales website.  For example you are likely to shop for individual cheeses on the high-street but in the US consumers often choose a basket of cheese with other foods added.

With every client, the size of the internet market, possible segments, and the size of the paid and natural search market together with the volume of a range of the most relevant keywords and products. He advise on changes to the website. He can undertake and supervise all the paid search (PPC) and guarantee to increase conversions whilst reducing costs - using a plethora of techniques to drive-up the published and hidden quality scores. You won’t find a better SEM, SEO, PPC, metrics, website, business analysis, analytics guru/person who leads a dedicated team of about 15 professionals mostly with PhDs.
AFS guarantees to significantly improve sales and reduce costs by several orders of magnitude. The firm uses several propriety quantitative, qualitative and unique techniques. In conventional media terms AFS and Bhaskar combine the roles of services director, the account director and the head of production. Guaranteed to improve productivity, costs, improve performance and client relations in one fell swoop. Currently working in London, Nice, Dubai, Singapore and Miami.

Couple of Notes on the importance of paid search

Recent Experience
Professor Bhaskar and AFS have worked with major clients such as Laura Ashley and others. Their track record speaks for itself: for example they grew Laura Ashley’s online sales (from paid search) from 50 a month to over 20,000 a month in an 18 month period – close to £1 million a week.

One US client has increased its paid search sales from around 235 conversions (one) in September 2007 and less than $100,000 revenue to - in September 2011 - over 2,400 conversions (one) and more than $1.8 million revenue on a like-for-like basis.

Other satisfied search marketing clients include:

Apart from the automotive (see below), IT & Computing, Internet, Mobile phones (Sony Ericsson), financial services, banking, merchant banking, capital markets, pharmaceuticals, fast-moving consumer goods, retail, telecommunications, steel, plastics, timber, and a host of other sectors. This includes a heavy dose of experience in banking and investment banking and financial services including research & asset management, trading floor services, private equity firms, institutional Investment management, investment banking, and enterprise wealth management.

Extensive M&A work. He has been heavily involved in all aspects of the deal process, including analysis, modelling and valuation of potential investments; deal execution and co-ordination of the transaction process. He has very strong modelling skills and is used to monitoring a range/ portfolio of companies. Also has been involved in exit strategies.

Academic Background
(BSc, MSc, PhD, Various professional associations [ICAEW, CIMA]

Krish Bhaskar was born of an Indian father and an English/South African white mother and was born in Hampton Court. He studied at LSE where he obtained a first class honours and higher degrees. He then taught at LSE, University of Bristol and was appointed to a founding Chair at the University of East Anglia. His subject area was Economics/Finance with his specialty the use of computers in the accountancy, finance decision-making and business. His research grants under the EU Esprit, EU Race programs and automotive research became so large he was asked by the University to move off campus because of accommodation problems. His academic subject was computerized accountancy, audit and all aspects of the use of computers in decision making including planning, strategy and financial modelling. In total he has published more than 56 books and written several hundred articles, papers and monographs.

Automotive & Finance specific work experience
These are the projects that Krish Bhaskar has worked on:

He founded Miru (Motor Industry Research Unit) at the University of East Anglia and also the 1Automotive Group of companies (1A is the best in terms of alphabetical sorting)...

Other industrial experience
Timber, Pharmaceutical, Steel, Retail, Banking & Plastics

Green credentials
Within the motor industry he has been an ardent researcher in ways to reduce tailpipe emissions and to improve fuel economy. Research includes methods of improving the combustion process, innovative hybrid designs to improve fuel economy to 200 to 300 mpg (with Mira and Ricardo) without performance degradation or unrealistic incremental unit costs. Also involved in innovative fuels including hydrogen and the ‘air’ engine. This has extended into projects within many western motor manufacturers and several Japanese companies.

Early background
His professional interest in the motor industry started with a research grant given by the Joseph Rowntree Social Trust to study what to do with the then stalled British Leyland. He produced an alternative to the famous Ryder Report which evaluated 18 alternatives under a variety of objectives such as employment, profitability. During the years after he was close to Sir Michael Edwards and others but didn’t agree with what they were doing. He was supportive of the strategy of developing links with Honda. He was a prime mover behind the sale of Jaguar and nearly led a successful bid for Jaguar much to the pleasant surprise of then Chairman, Sir John Egan.

His industry experience ranges from productivity with such diverse clients as Nissan, Toyota and Mazda among most of the Western manufacturers to European Distribution systems, benchmarking, product development and manufacturing technology. He has had a hand in the design of several cards one of which was the current Jaguar XK8 but many such projects must remain confidential. He was a major architect of the strategy and the engine supply deal for Rolls-Royce and Bentley (around 1994) and initiated developments which eventually led to the sale of Lamborghini to Audi. For much of the 1980s and the 1990s he was the sole adviser to the European Commission on such issues as state aid, innovation in the automotive industry and block exemption. So his real world experience ranges from product development through to sales and marketing, distribution, manufacturing, cost control, quality issues, automotive finance issues and just about everything concerned with the automotive industry including suppliers.

At various stages in his career he has worked closely with Global Insight/DRI, Polk (Marketing Systems), PwC/Autofacts, J D Powers & Associates/LMC, Primedia/Wards, Harbour Associates and other agencies. Krish Bhaskar has an unrivalled set of databases for sales, production, products, plants and capacity - with forecasts to 2025 and history going back to 1990 and in some cases 1950.

After his divorce in 1994 he moved to Nice/Monaco and then worked from Luxembourg and then the French Riviera. He liked the slightly warmer climate there though missed the camaraderie and friendship of the UK. For much of the year he also used to work out of the US (min mainly Detroit, though also in Miami and Los Angeles. Widely travelled for work in Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

The Western car companies that he has worked closely with in recent times on major projects includes GM, Ford, Jaguar, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Fiat, VW Group and others - in fact most of the non-Chinese manufacturers. Also many of the top 100 Automotive suppliers and some of the larger retail groups. Also closely various banks but especially Deutsche Bank, Reuters and others.

Significant achievements in software

Investment banking activity
Much of the more current work has to remain under wraps.

Earlier one of the major achievements was the privatization of parts of British Leyland and its eventual sale of Jaguar/Land-Rover to Ford and MG Rover to BMW.