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Welcome to AFS-Inc

Whatever your location, AFS-Inc can provide the solution, so that your company is noticed on internet.
Our track record speaks for itself and no one provides a better service.

Google's new third-party disclosure: Scroll to the bottom of page. AFS believes it is in compliance with Google's new policy.


Of course AFS not only deals with Google the largest (often quotes as having more than 80% of the search market) but AFS also deals with Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Ask, Aol, Yandex, Facebook, Twitter and most search engines and social networking sites.

Our Promise To You

The World of business is changing at a fast pace.
A company whose website is placed on Page 1 of the search engines (Google, Yahoo etc ), will have a far greater competitive advantage over its contemporaries, who are located on other pages.

AFS-Inc can help you to reach the top!
Whether this is the first time that your company has looked at its website position on a search engine such as Google, with a view to boosting sales/customers, or whether you already have an existing internet search engine campaign which is not performing as expected, AFS-Inc has the answer. Our expertise with search engines combined with our understanding of business will ensure that your website is elevated to the front page. As a result, your company will have the opportunity to dramatically increase its sales and profits.

Who are we?
AFS-Inc is a small, scientifically based Internet Search Marketing Company. We specialise in maximising a company’s online business profits by using several techniques. These include business strategies, price per click advertising (PPC), search engine optimization and social networking.

Our experienced, international team offers an innovative, mathematical approach to Internet and Search Marketing, backed up with the best customer support in the industry. Our team consists of Professors and PhDs in IT, Computing and Business. We pride ourselves on providing a personal and dedicated service to each of our clients.

What we offer
AFS-Inc offers a one-stop-shop, providing a unique set of solutions for each company, which enables it to reach its online customers and audience in exactly the way it wants and with the success it wants.

We work with an unparalleled set of productivity tools (automation, artificial intelligence, modelling, gaming, sophisticated systems and feed-back loops). Our dedicated team monitors market changes 24/7, ensuring that any changes will be implemented immediately.

AFS-Inc also supplies each client on an ongoing basis, with detailed information of any changes in the larger market and of potential new customers. This can then be adapted to the specific needs of that business, to improve its operations.

Why not let AFS-Inc turn clicks into new clients/orders for you?

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Business strategy
Internet market volumes, share & profitability audit + online business strategy & export potential– all part of the standard offering

Paid search:
Yes, it is becoming more expensive as Google escalates the bid price of each click. No, there is no easy alternative. For reasons argued elsewhere – see the end of organic listing – paid search is, if anything, becoming more important. Nevertheless, AFS is dedicated to getting the cost per click (CPC) and the cost per acquisition/sale/lead (CPA) down. Twitter’s Promoted Tweets, Apple’s iAd, Google’s acquisition of AdMob all highlight the continued importance of paid search.

SEO/Natural Search
This is the other principal method of driving traffic to your site.
There are many others dealt with here on this site.

AFS and paid search

Examples of some unique paid search features not found elsewhere:

Brand & Trademark protection
AFS together with one other agency provides a major focus on protecting your brand and stopping competitors or masqueraders from taking sales away from you. AFS can also provide special protection against eBay, Amazon and – if you want it – the comparison shopping sites.

SEO/Natural search v Paid search v Social
Organic/Natural search/SEO takes time; building traffic volumes to harness search algorithms is a slow process. Like social media, paid search can react second by second to produce dynamic campaigns. SEO may be a longer term solution; paid search is the shot in the arm for launches, promotions and speedy growth trajectories.

Search engine optimization – Natural/Organic Search
Guaranteed to get you into the top 10 in Google after 1 week. Way ahead of the curve and ahead of other agencies. No one offers more. However the nature of the SEO beast has changed. We do not believe you can rely on SEO alone. It should be integrated into other programs and the amount spent carefully evaluated.

And so much more:

Use of partners, associates and other agencies
Unlike other agencies we don't always pretend to be the best at everything. Yes we can do Social Media but for a major client like Tesco's, Unilever or Ford, we like to use a specialist agency.

Similarly we will out-source to the best US or European agency we can find, to develop your YouTube and other sponsored video clips… and sometimes we have to go to Hollywood! With viral marketing and other services it pays to go to specialists.

What we do retain is the integration of every other service into the paid search and SEO programs.

Our Promise To You

Note... the Google Certification above applies only to Google Adwords their paid search system

Google Adwords Third-Party Disclosure, Standards and Compliance documents

Google wants all certified partners and other third parties who sell or manage Adwords to meet certain requirements and standards which will be in the best long-term interest for Google’s customers.
Please see: Third-Party Disclosure document
Click here for some frequently asked questions:
And this more general paper lays out the full background: Google Third-Party Policy
The third-party compliance process which AFS has undertaken can be seen by clicking this link: Third-Party Compliance Audit

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